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'Premier Exhibitor' Dream Team Competition



Select your show team of 10 past IDW Winners

 *** Your team needs to have AT LEAST 3 BREEDS ***


How Does It Work?

Our Judge Brian Leslie will place each group and points will be allocated to each cow from his placings. 

The highest combined pointed 'Dream Team' wins.  


Supreme Champions - Choose 1

Avonlea Reginald Jacobina

Templeton Family

Supreme Champion 2020


Shirlinn Icy Eve

Wilson Family

Supreme Champion 2016


 Wallumlands Sunstorm 8

Gordon, Bacon & Govett

Supreme Champion 2015


Willow Dell Fancy 512

Eloora Pastoral Company

Supreme Champion 2012


Fairvale Morty Lady 51

Thompson Family

Supreme Champion 2014


 Broad Ribbon Champions - Choose 3

Bushlea Van Fernleaf 10

Cullen, Fisher, Senecal, F & D Borba, Vander Meulen, Hanford

Champion 2018 


Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 11

Elmar Holsteins

Supreme Champion 2018


Panorama Angeline 48

Cherrylock Cattle Co

Intermediate Champion 2020


Florando SD Koala 7

Joyce Family & Gass

Senior Champion 2013


Elmar Leader Jessica

Elmar Holsteins

Senior Champion 2003 


Prom View Jenny 170

View Fort, Empire & Merseybank Jerseys

Intermediate Champion 2013


Tandara Jolt Sarajevo 55

Tandara Brown Swiss

Senior Champion 2015


Fairvale Goldchip Melody 770

Crawford Family

Senior Champion 2019


Rockvale Burdette Prim

Anthea Day & Jake Mathew

Intermediate Champion 2017 


Windy Ways Galaxies Dawn 7

Cherrylock & Windy Ways

Senior Champion 2020


Class Winners - Choose 6

Glenbrae Burdette Joyce

S & K Beard

Senior Champion 2018


Pachendaele Forever Gigi

Eagles Family 

Reserve Intermediate Champion 2020


Riverside Country Lollypop

Riverside Jerseys

Senior Champion 2013 


Paringa Braxton Parry

A & S Barron, W Barron & Elm Banks.

Senior Champion 2017


Cainsdale Absolute Delight

Menzies Farms & M & N Templeton

Intermediate Champion - Red & White 2020


Tandara Etvei Heidi 217

Tandara Brown Swiss

Senior Champion 2020 


Rockmar Miami Graceful

Mark and Roxanne Shea

Senior Champion 2020


Llandovery BM Pearle

James Breen and R & A Heath

Hon Men Champion 2020


Avonlea YF Windbrook Cinnamin

Cinnamin Partners

Intermediate Champion 2018 


Bushlea Brook Maybell

Bushlea Farms

Senior Champion 2007 




Brunchili Sambo Priscilla

Brunchilli Jerseys

Senior Champion 2014



Mitch Chipper Beauty

Brent and Kim Mitchell

Senior Champion R&W 2019


Cairnbrae Valentino Daisy 11

A & J Carson

Senior Champion 2019


Coomboona Pety Satin

B, J, M & N Templeton

Hon Men Intermediate 2020


Grasslands Dynasty Karlee

AH&JA Van Rijthoven

Senior Champion 2014

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