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AtAgri-Gene we are continually searching for more products related to nutrition and fertility in the belief that if we supply world class genetics we need to ensure the genetics are given the best chance to grow and make sure we make our farmers and resellers more income which in turn will lead to better lifestyle. With this in mind we are proud to be given the opportunity to bring to our clients products from Agri-Vet, Ceva, Anipro and Bushman companies.

Fertility Plus

Fertility Plus has been designed by some of Australia’s leading nutritionists with the aim of balancing the needs of both Dairy and Beef to produce to optimum levels. One of the main factors with high performance has been the effect on fertility and performance. By the time the symptoms associated with trace nutrition deficiencies are actually noticed the fertility, production and efficiency are already affected greatly.

 Fertility Plus is processed using a unique process of weatherization and is made available as a free choice ad-lib product or fed through dispensers with feed rations. It combines necessary minerals and vitamins to boost animal health and production. Small things can make the difference.
The analysis of Fertility Plus shows the differences between other products in particular Selenium, which is at 30.00 PPM along with Magnesium at 10.5%, Zinc is also at 3500.00 PPM. These along with Calcium at 15% combined with other minerals as well at Vitamin A, D3 and Vitamin E. Cobalt for Vitamin B balance the ingredients to maximize performance and fertility.
 In trialing Fertility Plus in the 12 months prior to release, a total of 40 donors were flushed at regular intervals by Dom & Jo Bayard at Global Reproduction Solutions, Goorambat Vic. With 20 donors on
Fertility Plus and 20 donors not receiving the supplement, this was then reversed in the following flush. Due to the positive results observed they now use Fertility Plus in their export center as well as with clients all over Australia. Other significant results in both Dairy and Beef have been reports of stronger heat cycles, fewer non cycling cows and better than ever conception rates. The effects you also observe are in coat color and smoothness. Cattle also stop licking the ground, bark or other objects.

For the first 7-10 days most cattle over in-take the recommended 60-80 grams per head per day, but in every case they then back off and take the correct level. Cost is also extremely important, most current mineral mixes commercially available cost up to 40-50 cents per day to achieve comparable results. At the recommended level the cost of Fertility Plus is between 12–19 cents per animal per day depending on size and deficiencies.

 It is important to understand that Fertility Plus is a supplement and not a feed and as such does not replace feed or rations; in fact as the animal’s general health improves they will generally require more feed due to better feed conversion and performance. With most blocks or mixes you are purchasing up to 40-50% salt or molasses and these are consumed fast and are not efficient. Fertility Plus is an easy choice to use on synchronized AI programs and in conjunction with sexed semen. Other benefits include higher milk yield, better cell counts and certainly improves foot health. It also assists in metabolic diseases as well as improving health and weight gain.

If using in conjunction with Dairy pellets or rations it is important not to use with high Selenium products, however most mixes only have 2-5 PPM Selenium, even if levels are twice this it will in most cases be within acceptable limits. Whilst nothing replaces good animal husbandry, Fertility Plus offers a cost effective method of improving your animals performance levels. Fertility Plus is available at Herd Improvement centers along with leading rural stores.

 If you want to talk to a farmer who is receiving results with Fertility Plus, contact Agri-Gene on 03 57222 666 or one of their sales representatives.

Learn about Agri-Vet Fertility Plus in our information Brochures:

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Maintaining nutrition to livestock on dry pastures is a major challenge for producers as they aim to finish stock to take advantage of autumn markets and to have breeding females in peak condition or traditional autumn joining. The liquid feed supplement Anipro now takes the guess work out enabling cattle to achieve maximum utilization in converting a nutrient poor feed source into energy. 

Research has sown that using Anipro enables livestock to efficiently take advantage of the relationship that exists between forage intake and live weight gain and the crude protein content of available feed. Local agent and distributor Agri-Gene is based at Wangaratta and provide all the feeding equipment, technical support along with constant monitoring of product intake. If the feed source varies through supply or seasonal conditions the Anipro mix is adjusted. For instance's if top quality dry paddock feed is affected by rain the mix is altered to ensure that livestock nutrition is not affected. Another factor would be the introduction of silage into the feed regime. The initial introductory Anipro mix is based on an assessment of available feed and the age of the cattle. 

A molasses based product, Anipro is fed to stock from feeders where the ration is mixed to provide the optimum uptake without over usage. This is achieved from the two part mix of Anipro, one sweet (weaner) the other bitter (cow and calf). Agri-Gene representative Brian Holmes says usage of Anipro in the North-East and Southern Riverina continues to increase with farmers looking to lift profitability through better feed utilization and the provision of a balanced diet of vitamins and macro minerals such as calcium and phosphorus along with trace elements, like zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt, iodine, iron and selenium. A feature of the Anipro formulation is Rumopro, a unique slow release, safe form of urea that provides a constant ammonia source that enables the optimum microbial growth in the rumen ensuring maximum dry matter intake. Also Anipro had proved valuable on weaner cattle where rapid muscle development requires a balanced nutrient supply to allow full potential to be reached. In the case of weaner heifers, they were the breeders of the future. 

The benefit of using Anipro was to ensure that producers achieved a result greater than their investment from increased weight gain, improved reproductive efficiency and better overall growth and productivity. 


Weatherpro - Weatherproof Mineral & Vitamin Solutions

Agri-Gene offer GP Grazier for Cattle, GP Grazier for Sheep and Performance.
Weatherpro products provide simple and cost effective "delivery systems" to meet this challenge in all grazing systems. As an affiliate of the Anipro Liquid Supplement program, Weatherpro products provide a completely unique and valuable capacity for strategic year round nutrition. Such versatility ensures producers now have access to a full spectrum of high quality supplement solutions and the ability to target them according to seasonal changes in forage conditions and or animal requirements.


Bushman Insect Repellent

Bushman we believe needs little introduction as Australia’s most effective Insect repellent. Bushman is also a family owned business and since 1990 has been protecting outdoor professional sporting enthusiasts and overseas travellers from all blood-seeking disease carrying insects. Agri-Gene is proud to have been chosen to extend Bushman products to the Agricultural industry throughout Australia. With up to 15 hours protection from one application Bushman stands out as the most effective longest lasting insect repellent available. Bushman provides maximum protection from insect borne diseases such as Malaria, Ross River Fever, Dengue Fever, West Nile Fever and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. There are many sizes and strengths available suited to all applications, Bushmans is fully registered by APVMA and Australian government.

Bushmans Pricing 


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