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Agri-Gene Pty Ltd

Specialists In Superior Genetics

Agri-Gene Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest privately owned leading Artificial Breeding & Merchandise Company based in Wangaratta in North-East of Victoria, Australia. Agri-Gene is an Australian Wide company who Import and Export Bovine Artificial Breeding Semen and Embryo's for all Beef and Dairy Breeds to all countries. These genetics are supported by a range of on-farm services, including the Agri-Gene Mating Program; Mistromate, provided by our team of knowledgeable Area Breed Consultants. Product is distributed Australia wide through a network of over 150 resellers. Agri-Gene offers a service to improve and maximize reproductive performance so that clients can maximize the gain they get from investing in genetics.
In addition to providing Australian farmers with access to a wide range of elite proven Dairy and Beef Genetics from France, UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Jersey Island and Australia. Agri-Gene has conducted a successful Progeny Testing Program for more than a decade including the popular Angus EDGE Program which has been running for 20 Years.
Australian Proven Sires are available for Export all over the world. Agri-Gene is also a Licenced Veterinary Wholesaler specializing in Synchronization and Reproduction in both Dairy and Beef. In addition to our existing popular range of products; we have introduced an animal nutritional product in FERTILITY PLUS which has been developed to increase Fertility in all breeds of cattle.
Agri-Gene takes seriously its responsibility to deliver excellence through products, programs and services that generate Profit for our Partners.
Enquire today about our New Release Beef & Dairy Sires, Fertility Plus, Artificial Insemination Equipment, Kamar Heat Detectors, Cidrs, Calf Coats, Full Range of LN2 Tanks, Anipro, Weatherpro, Bushman Insect Repellent, Custom Collection, Mistromate Mating Program and Straw Printing Services.
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